Here are three pdf archives of the Berkeley KAP Forum. The first covers the period from April 1997 until December 1999 and contains some 700 comments, the second runs from January 2000 until December 2001 and contains about 800 posts and the third runs from January 2002 until August 2006 and contains roughly 5000 comments.

The current forum has roughly 60,000 comments starting in February 2006 (so there is some overlap with the second archive).

These three archives were produced in different ways. Cris produced the first and I believe he used the Website Downloader function of the Internet Archive WayBack Machine. This produces a PDF that has forward links from the list of comment titles to the comments themselves. Each comment page has the large KAP banner so they take up a fair amount of space.

I tried to use the same approach to produce the 2002-2006 archive but (a) the 'free' website downloader has been downgraded (to encourage people to pay for a faster one) and (b) given the 7-fold increase in size I gave up when the 'free' downloader had been running for more than three days with no sign of any output! So I downloaded the file containing the list of comments myself and then wrote a series of java programs that:

Then I combined the two files into one big html file and used Safari to convert the html file to a pdf. I repeated this process for the 2000-2001 archive

Dave Mitchell October 2020